Excellent Walk and Talk in the South Downs

By July 24, 2014Blog

What a lovely day on Sunday for a walk and talk on the South Downs.  The long hill at the start allowed us to focus our minds to be fully in the present and the outstanding views at the top made us really appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.  The metaphors were all around us and the creative juices started to flow!

Busy questioning and listening to my client, I missed a turn-off, but as quoted in Alice in Wonderland “If you don’t know where you want to go then it doesn’t matter which path you take”.  Fortunately we did know where we wanted to go, and although we may have taken a different route to get there, we still achieved our aiming point.  This also reflected my client’s personal journey and by the time we arrived at the target hostelry, they had clarified their thoughts about what they really wanted to have happen, and what they needed to do to achieve it.  One happy and healthy client and one happy and healthy coach!

coaching while walking, South Downs