“I felt stuck and my life was off balance. Liz was recommended to me as someone who could help me make sense of my muddle. Liz has been a calm, non judgmental voice who has guided me through our sessions to review and plan for the next steps of my life, both personal and professional.  I feel much more in control, have given myself permission to move on and regained confidence in myself.  It has not been an easy journey and I am glad that I took Liz with me as my coach.”


Poppies. Life Coaching

“I sought out coaching from Liz when I was unsure where I wanted my career to go and developed overwhelming anxiety in certain work situations. Liz gave me the tools to break down goals and daily tasks, be more aware of my strengths and block out the negative/self critical thoughts and to generally be more confident in my ability and what is important to me.  In just four sessions I feel like a different person!  I would 100% recommend to anyone unsure about the impact of coaching.”


“I was confused, angry, disappointed and fearful as I approached retirement. After my sessions with Liz I am emotionally and mentally ready to walk away and am energised and excited about all my creative ideas for the future. Coaching helped me to step outside of myself and provided a “circuit breaker” to break the loop of negativity, to regain control and to make choices with consideration. I would highly recommend coaching for anyone who is looking for a positive life transition.”


benefits of coaching when at a crossroads in life

“I knew I wanted change both professionally and personally and had some radical ideas. I was excited and hopeful but I was also nervous and completely lacking in self-confidence. Coaching with Liz helped me to focus, gain clarity of what I really wanted and why.  She then helped me to develop a step by step approach so that it became a natural progression rather than a scary massive change. After 4 sessions I had gained a sense of purpose, direction, positive thinking and empowerment to make it happen.  I particularly valued coaching while walking as it helped me to free my mind, pace myself and have time out to really think.”


“When I first met with Liz I felt lost, overwhelmed and lacking in focus with no clear direction. Liz helped me to re-align my negative mindset and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. I now find myself correcting my terminology from “if” to “when” and think of Liz with a smile every time I do so. Breaking tasks into bite-sized chunks has been a game-changer for me. I now have the wheels in motion, a clear plan of action and the tools to keep me going.”


“I was in a doubtful professional transition period when I contacted Liz. Each session she helped me to self-reflect and make important decisions for my future career and also helped me to prepare for important academic job interviews. Liz’s objective, professional and positive support was brilliant – and I got the job! Walking and talking along the seafront was also a great combination – many thanks Liz.”


Coaching while Walking

“I enjoyed my sessions with Liz. Discussing everything while walking seemed to make the conversation flow very naturally.  Liz has given me the tools and confidence to focus and make the improvements I seek in my life”.

Michelle R

“I talked through a lot of personal issues with Liz and at the beginning found coaching quite hard. However, I can now see it was hard because I had to learn something new to move forward and, rather than being told how to do something, Liz encouraged me to think how I could achieve what I wanted and to develop my own solutions. I have developed constructive strategies and now feel really focused and positive.”

Grace D

Coaching, stepping stones, breaking things down into small steps

“Being coached by Liz has been a delight.  She instinctively creates a productive and safe environment in which to explore topics not previously considered; very valuable to unlock underpinning behaviour.  Walking while coaching was an excellent experience and one I would thoroughly recommend. The exercise, open space and relaxed situation created a coaching space unlike anything I’ve experienced.  I can tangibly feel a change in my life due to Liz’s coaching sessions.  I would recommend her to anyone.”

John V

“Liz enabled me to corral my scattered thoughts and to formulate an effective strategy to navigate a tumultuous work environment.  I was then able to turn that into a situation in which I was able to progress and thrive.

…Of Liz’s many skills, those which I appreciate most are that she asks poignant, directed questions, absorbs and orders information, and provides extremely high quality and usable session feedback in written reports.  I am grateful that Liz is straight talking, does not employ hokum nor speaks in corporate gobbledegook.”

Patrick E

“Walking and talking with Liz helped me to stop looking behind me all the time and to understand that my past does not have to shape my future.  Through her subtle but effective questions I have come to recognise and celebrate my values and strengths, and think about how and where I can enjoy using these. Walking with Liz has broadened my horizons, given me time and space to think constructively and enabled me to move forward in a way that conventional face to face sessions are unlikely to have achieved for me.”

Sue W

“I gained so much from my walk and talk life coaching with Liz.  She really helped me to focus my complex thoughts from what I felt should happen to reveal what I really want to have happen and what I need to do to get there, both in the short and longer term.  I can now move forward refreshed, with courage and ready to follow the path to my true goals”.

“I have no hesitation in providing coaching referrals for Liz”.

Rachel M

Although it is tough to tackle the stumbling blocks in my life and career Liz provides a supportive and gentle environment for me to explore options and look at areas to improve and work on.  Liz gives me the space to talk and is an active listener.  Rather than put words in my mouth she provides me with tools to work things out for myself, only prompting when I get stuck.  The opportunity to quite literally expand my horizons on her walks in the beautiful countryside always leaves me feeling refreshed and more able to look forward


“I have been a fan of your unique coaching idea – walk and talk – ever since I heard of it and I have to say that experiencing it has been even better than I expected. It is great to be able to clear your head and just focus, whilst enjoying exercise and fresh air! Your questions were thought-provoking and insightful. Thank you”

Sarah N

life coaching while walking on a sunny day

“The coaching sessions I had with Liz have made such an amazing difference to my life and the way I look at things now. I had been struggling with difficult situations and I was always asking ‘what is wrong with me, why can’t I cope, why do I feel so unhappy and dissatisfied?’ Liz’s coaching style provided me with the feeling of support that I needed to take a big step back, assess what was really important to me, what I needed to change in my work/life balance, how I was going to make the changes and more importantly Liz gave me back my self belief and the courage to make things happen.”

Stephanie D

“My sessions with Liz were very helpful, she listened and then asked the right questions which enabled me to see what it was I really wanted. Liz also helped me to set goals, some big and some mini. The mini ones were small steps which helped me on the way to the big goals. I also found it helpful to walk while we talked. We walked at a comfortable pace, which meant there was time also to enjoy the surroundings.

Anne N

coaching while walking and enjoying the view.

I just wanted to let you know that I got the job!!!!  Thank you for your support in getting me back to 100% and helping me articulate my skills.

The sessions I had were invaluable in a number of ways, this included helping me to develop my confidence (via identifying and recognizing my achievements), enabling me to identify my skills and to understand how to articulate these skills without feeling like I am bragging. My goal was to perform better at interview and ultimately I know my new-found skills will support me both in and out of the work environment.  I particularly enjoyed the walking.  When you feel under-confident (as I was) the worst thing I could have done was to sit across from someone.”

Aimee D

“When I first started coaching with Liz I felt lost. I had experienced some major changes in my life and was really struggling to adapt.  I found my experience with Liz really positive.  It has helped me to put things into perspective and work towards future plans.  I really enjoyed walking as it helped me to talk more freely.  I will definitely be back in touch when I need a little pick me up”

Carly M

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