We can discuss what ever you want during our coaching sessions although it is usually more effective if you attend the sessions with a particular area that you wish to focus on.

During our coaching sessions I will work with you to:

  • Increase your self awareness
  • Assess your current situation
  • Clarify what you want in life
  • Challenge perceived or real barriers and explore how to make them into hurdles to be jumped
  • Recognise and develop your strengths, talents and self-confidence
  • Help you to know what is right for you and support you in finding your own solutions which fit your values and which you are able to commit to
  • Give you that nudge to set you off in the right direction, agree achievable goals and how you will move towards them
  • Encourage, motivate and support you as you move forward from where you are now to where you would like to be
  • On completion of each session I will send you a brief summary of our discussions and any goals that you agreed to take forward
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The relationship between us is very important and is based on trust, honesty and respect.  As a coach I offer you structured conversation, non-judgemental support and confidentiality.  What is talked about in session will not be discussed with anybody else.

I am not a counsellor:  Counselling is about making sense of the past so that the present is easier to deal with. Coaching is about looking forward and making positive change. I will not discuss issues that I feel require professional support.

The duration of our coaching relationship will depend on your personal needs and preferences.  In general, most clients find a series of coaching sessions, typically once a fortnight over a period of 3-6 months most beneficial. This enables us to delve further and really see what works for them providing them with the tools, tactics and strategies that will progress towards sustainable results  (See my packages & pricing)


The joy of coaching while we walk is that it can take place at almost any time and in almost any location!  For example:

  • Around the block from your office
  • Through a park
  • At lunchtime or after work if that is more convenient for you
  • A more energetic extended stomp along the seafront or in the South Downs.
  • Under current circumstances it can even be done virtually in different locations!

If walking and talking is not for you, I am based in Havant and offer face-to-face coaching in Hampshire and West Sussex.   I can also offer coaching online or via telephone if that is more convenient for you.

I will be as flexible as possible to fit into your own schedule.

Contact me now to arrange a free consultation where we can explore how I can help you to keep moving forward.