Do you have a leaky pipeline of talent?  Do you have to count the cost of staff churn, absenteeism or reduced productivity due to lack of engagement, stress or ill health?

Investing in a corporate wellbeing strategy will help you to gain the competitive advantage and put you at the top of the list as an employer of choice.

My coaching and walking while talking programmes are a cost-effective way of contributing to your corporate wellbeing strategy and will have measurable benefits:

  • Focused, motivated and happy staff will perform at their best
  • Staff more engaged in your company values
  • Staff development  for higher roles (succession planning)
  • Retain valuable staff (talent management) – stop that leaky pipeline.
  • Staff take ownership of their career progression.
  • There will be a ripple effect in staff motivation, engagement and resilience
  • Reduce staff absences due to stress and ill health
  • Provide a healthy option
  • Improve loyalty
  • Attract new talent
  • Improve your bottom line and competitive edge.

Within your set priorities, I will motivate, challenge and inspire your staff to take ownership of their lives and work. I will give them the place and time to really think about what they want to have happen and how to take steps to achieving it and how to maximise their strengths. With my support they will become more motivated, resilient and productive.

Even better – I can take them out into the fresh air to talk while we walk away from their normal working environment – providing that bonus opportunity for a healthy mind and body.
When your staff feel positive, they will be more engaged and creative, perform at their best and their full potential will be unlocked. Good for them – and giving you that competitive edge as you not only retain the people that you have invested so much in but they will be far more productive.

There are many beautiful places in Hampshire and West Sussex for walking and constructive talking. This could be around the block or through a park near your office, during the day, at lunchtime or after work, a more energetic stomp along the seafront or an extended coaching and walking venture up on the Downs.

Investing in a corporate wellbeing strategy, and my part in it, will help you to gain that competitive advantage, improving your bottom line and driving your business forward as an employer of choice.

I can tailor my coaching programmes in support of your corporate well-being strategy and to meet your business priorities – either for individuals or teams – in the fresh air or with a more traditional coaching approach.

For more information and to discuss how I can contribute towards your business being one of the best contact me.

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