Imagine this:  You are at your busy desk and spend the day sending and receiving emails from a colleague or manager who works just a few desks away from you.  You know it is wrong but everybody else is doing it.

Movement and face-to-face contact are no longer a major part of your normal working life and you probably know very little about the people that you work with. Unfortunately they probably also feel less engaged with the values and strategies that your organisation is striving to achieve.

Continuous change programmes bring their own frustrations.  Who is involved in the consultation process and where are all the good ideas coming from?  How do you know that you are not missing out on some hidden nuggets that will improve the way that you do business or prevent you from making mistakes?  Perhaps you arrange brainstorming sessions but does this really get all the ideas on the table, or just those of the more dominant members?

Whether you are managing change or developing your teams, why not consider doing it in the great outdoors?  Just being outside and active will lead to more creative and energetic thinking.

Facilitated and structured walking meetings or team coaching away from the paraphernalia and politics of the workplace:

  • frees people from the constraints of the meeting room
  • breaks down barriers
  • builds trust
  • allows everyone to feel they can make a contribution
  • broadens the horizons by looking at the same issues from a different perspective

Walking meetings and team coaching can happen almost anywhere and any time:  around the block or through a park near your office, during the day, at lunchtime or after work, a more energetic stomp along the seafront or an extended venture into the countryside.

Contact me to discuss how I can help to structure a cost-effective and fun programme for your organisation that will result in:

  • innovative and creative ideas for business improvement
  • Focused, motivated and happy staff who will perform at their best
  • People who are more engaged in your organisation’s strategy
  • Improvement in your bottom line and competitive edge.

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