Escape the Desk! Get ready to move forward

By June 19, 2015Blog

P1170955aI have found that all too often people from many walks of life spend their days behind their desks being bombarded with ‘stuff’.  At meetings, networking or conferences they also sit down with few breaks, little fresh air and a surfeit of unhealthy snacks or meals. 

I have been in that position myself.  I have also walked, thought and talked for health and fun over many miles with many people over the years. Eventually, having taken several walks to think about how to take my business forward, I knew that what I really wanted was to share  the amazing benefits of walking with my coaching clients. 

So what are those benefits?

  • You get off your chair and into the fresh air
    • Breathe in some fresh air and get some exercise while working on your life/business.  
    • Tune in to the environment and be more mindful of the here and now.
  • You leave the paraphernalia and ‘stuff’ of daily life behind
    • Be in the open air away from the distractions and situations that can cause angst and stress.  
    • Leave behind what you habitually load yourself up with.
    • See your world from a different perspective.
  • You slow down and relax
    • Loosen up and leave the overwhelm behind.
    • Change to a pace where your brain has the time and space to think and focus on your goals and what they look like. 
    • Create space for talking without pressure.
    • Forward movement reflects what you want from your life or work.

“I really liked Liz’s approach to coaching – walking clears the mind, provides a bit of exercise (which in turn enables the mind to work better) & it’s generally more fun.”  

  • Your brain works more effectively
    • Increase blood circulation, release endorphins.
    • Move forward side by side rather than facing each other, creating time to think and to express yourself more freely. 
    • Look up and out, becoming more analytical and creative.

Walking with Liz has broadened my horizons, given me time and space to think constructively and enabled me to move forward in a way that conventional face to face sessions are unlikely to have achieved for me.”

  • You get grounded
    • Really feel the ground beneath your feet and reconnect with nature.
    • Be more balanced and able to deal with what life is throwing at you. 
    • Think about the path ahead more than what is behind you and see future possibilities.

“Walking and talking with Liz helped me to stop looking behind me all the time and to understand that my past does not have to shape my future.  Most importantly, with gentle nudging and support, I have already taken the first steps to a more me-shaped future”.

  • You get energised
    • Recharge the batteries.
    • Be refreshed and ready to take forward – and deliver – all the great ideas that you have come up with.

Liz with outstretched arms

I offer coaching and walking with individuals and teams in East Hampshire and West Sussex.  I would love you to contact me if you are ready to escape from behind that desk and move forward metaphorically, physically and mentally.



I also facilitate the Portsmouth area Walk&Talk4Success Mastermind Group where all the above benefits are realised within a dynamic and growing community of women in business.