Why is Coaching while Walking so Great?

May is National Walking Month and I thought it would be a great opportunity to explain why I walk with my coaching clients and trumpet the benefits.

So first of all – What is coaching all about?  

Well, the term literally comes from the old Anglo-Saxon word for carriage – a means of transport.  Nowadays few of us would set out on a journey without a reason, a planned destination, a post code for the satnav, or in my case a good old fashioned map.  Yet so many of us set out on our life or work journeys with no idea of where we are going.  If you don’t know where you are going then how will you know when you get there?  

Much to my amusement, I received a message the other day from someone seeking to book a coach – from Portsmouth to Goodwood!  So perhaps I should explain more….

How does Coaching Help?

Often when we talk with friends and family, or when networking, we like to look like we are doing OK and might hold back from our deeper thoughts.  If we do open up there is a natural tendency for people to offer us advice and guidance which might sometimes blur the vision of what we really want.

Working with a coach is different – it is not about what the coach would do in your situation or about offering direction. You are the expert in your life and a coach will provide a completely independent, non judgmental and safe environment, and time for you to think more clearly, figure out your goals and how to reach them – you are in control. The role of the coach is to listen, and I mean really listen, so that they can then help you to develop your thoughts on what you want to have happen and what you need to do to achieve it.  

So why do I do my coaching while walking?P1010805

I love walking, be it a leisurely stroll or a more strenuous challenge.  I have always found walking with family and friends a great way to share and talk through challenges and work out solutions.  When I started my coaching business, I felt that this was something that would really benefit my clients.

And what are those benefits?

Escape the paraphernalia and ‘stuff’ of life and work

  • Put physical and mental distance between you and all those things, people or minutiae that are weighing you down or distracting you
  • No other engagements, commitments, obligations, duties or telephone to distract you.
  • Give your undivided attention to the issues you wish to resolve.

Fresh air and exercise – your brain works more effectively

  • Research consistently shows that exercise can significantly reduce anxiety and stress while improving overall mood –  so things feel more possible and obstacles less daunting after a good walk and talk
  • Combine the best of coaching with health and well-being
  • Walking kick starts the endorphins – helps clarity of thought/creative solutions
  • Helps you to look up and out and not just at the nearest crocodile,
  • Helps you to be more analytical and creative

“I have been a fan of your unique coaching idea – walk and talk – ever since I heard of it and I have to say that experiencing it has been even better than I expected. It is great to be able to clear your head and just focus, whilst enjoying exercise and fresh air.” SN

Slow down and relaxcoaching while walking

  • Walking helps you to slow down, get into a flow and organise your thoughts
  • Walking side by side helps you to feel more relaxed
  • Talking is more conversational because you are constantly moving
  • It avoids the potential discomfort of constant face to face contact or uncomfortable silences
  • It gives you space and time to think and talk without pressure

“Walking while coaching was an excellent experience and one I would thoroughly recommend. The exercise, open space and relaxed situation created a coaching space unlike anything I’ve experienced.” JV

Connect with the environmentP1010771

  • Feel more grounded and connected with nature
  • Be in the here and now while focusing on the future
  • There are so many metaphors!  Bridges to cross, steps to take, options at crossroads, the path ahead, the whole eco-system and the synergies with your life!

Renewable Energy

  • recharge your batteries
  • refresh your mind and your motivation to take forward and act on all the great ideas that you have come up with.

Coaching while walking is good for the body and soul – and a great way to move forward, metaphorically, physically and mentally!


I offer coaching and walking with individuals and teams in East Hampshire and West Sussex.  I would love you to contact me if you are ready to recharge your batteries and put the spring back in your step.

I also facilitate a monthly walking while working group for entrepreneurs and people who work on their own.  All the above benefits are realised within a dynamic and growing community of business owners.  More details are available here.