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For Women who want to step out and take a leap forward in their business

Come along to an introductory Walk&Talk Mastermind for just £5 before you commit.  Click here for details of upcoming events


Connecting     Inspiring      Encouraging     Motivating     Supporting     Empowering

Are you a woman with an established business, or just starting out?

Do you 

  • love your business?
  • feel isolated and want to share your successes and challenges?
  • sometimes feel overwhelmed, stuck, time poor and a tad frustrated?
  • put on the ”success face” at networking whilst underneath you are thinking “when will this work?”
  • have lots of great ideas but are not sure how to prioritise and put them into practice?
  • find it hard and lonely doing it on your own?

Would you love

  • more support, encouragement, and belief?
  • to connect  and collaborate with a whole bunch of like-minded women who you actually get to meet face-to-face in a Mastermind Group?
  • to spend less than the cost of a single coaching session to gain a whole month’s  support?

If you said YES to any of these, then walk this way….

Why Walk&Talk4Success®?

We’re a unique and inspiring mastermind group that is completely different from networking.

  • Walking and talking is a great way to step out and do something fresh and energising that will help you and your business to flourish.
  • It gives you the opportunity to take real time away from your business to work ON your business and, with the help of a qualified coach, to really focus on what you want your business to look like.
  • You will no longer be on your own; you will be part of a dynamic and supportive community who will share experiences, develop powerful tools and techniques, celebrate achievements and find solutions so we can all reach our individual goals.

Why a Mastermind Group?

For every great creative idea there’s a counter-idea. Why not explore them all?

  • When you’re open to seeing different sides of the picture it allows you to branch out, double the possibilities, and troubleshoot all angles.
  • By bringing together the energy, knowledge, experience and perspective of the group and applying these to a business topic/issue/idea/barrier you cannot help but take huge leaps forward with renewed self-confidence, motivation, commitment and productivity.

Why Walking?

When you are facing so many calls on your time, the mind and natural stress responses can get in the way of allowing creativity to evolve naturally.

  • Getting outside enables you to physically and mentally detach yourself from the paraphernalia of your normal environment.
  • It gives you time and space to broaden your horizons, helps you to think differently and to come up with creative solutions.
  • Fresh air and moderate exercise recharges the batteries.
  • Walking, combined with focused discussion and feedback, is a great way to move forward, metaphorically, physically and mentally.

Being part of our community will help you to:

  • Feel connected – build strong friendships and business relationships with like-minded women who will share similar goals and care about your progress.
  • Get motivated – by taking part and sharing with the group – the energy, drive, knowledge and input you receive can be a regular booster to keep going, get things done and reap the rewards.
  • Be held accountable – When you know you’re going to be asked about something you have said you will do you’re much more likely to do it!
  • Reach your goals faster – collaborating and learning with each other and implementing tools and strategies that work means you get quicker results with less blood, sweat and tears.
  • Gain new insights – giving you an outside, objective view to challenges and helping you to look at new and better ways of doing things – possibilities that you can’t always see when working so closely in your business on your own.

What will my investment in Walk&Talk4Success® provide?

1.     Monthly Inspiring Coach-led Walk & Talk Business Mastermind.  

        1000-1130 on 2nd Friday each month – Leaving from the Ship Inn at Langstone

  • Get away from your normal environment – take real time away from your business to work on your business.
  • Meet and connect with other like-minded business women who will support and encourage you all the way in a safe environment.
  • Identify stumbling blocks and how to navigate around them.
  • Get ideas from the walk and commit to realistic tangible actions that make a difference and that you will implement within your own set timescales.
  • Worksheets to keep notes, implement ideas/actions and to re-visit in your own time.
  • Stretch your legs, stretch your mind and do something refreshing and invigorating for you and your business.

2.     Live Business Success Meet-up – planning, action and accountability session. 

        1000-1130 on 4th Friday each month – Meeting at a venue in the Havant area

  • Define your dreams and work with your business plan.
  • Celebrate achievements and share challenges in a non-judgmental and safe environment.
  • Group coaching, collaboration, support and motivation to succeed
  • Clear and SMART action planning, commitment and accountability.
  • Build confidence and a ‘can do’ mind-set.
  • Learn personal strategies and new tools that will make you more effective.

 3.     Members’ access to our private Facebook Group 

  • Enjoy being part of a dynamic, supportive and collaborative community and know you are not alone.
  • Stay in touch and build on relationships.
  • Ask questions, learn from others and get feedback.
  • Share challenges and success stories.

Monthly Membership is less than the cost of a one-to-one coaching  session!

Membership Fees:

Level 1 – Walking membership and private FB group only – £17 per month

Level 2 – Walking membership, monthly meet-up, private FB group, access to resource library and preferential rates for 1-1 coaching – £47 per month

 A fabulous investment that will deliver great results and returns for you and your business

Come along to an introductory walk&talk mastermind for just £5 before you commit.  Click here for details of upcoming events in the Portsmouth area

 Click here to Contact Me for membership details and to sign up for this great opportunity

Your coach

25 April 2015 - walk with Liz and Matt 003I am Liz Walmsley and have joined the team to bring the Walk&Talk4Success® programme to the Portsmouth area.  After a successful career in higher level leadership and management, I stepped out to create my own business offering personal development coaching while walking.

I recognise that all too often we create our own barriers to success, and sometimes a little help to focus on what you want to have happen – and what you need to do to achieve it – will give you that nudge and set you off in the right direction for you.  Clear and pragmatic, I believe that success comes in many shapes and sizes.  If you focus on what it means to you as an individual you can then move forward confidently and with a spring in your step instead of expending time and energy being distracted and doing what you think you ‘should’ be doing.  

I aim to help women recognise the choice and freedom to do things their own way with lots of practical support, tools and encouragement to make changes and do what works for them. 

“I like having a supportive environment to talk about issues I face in my business.  Networking is all about your “success” face and that can actually be demoralising if you are struggling.  It was also good to be able to help others with issues that I have faced previously.  It helps to realise how far you have come when you can share your experiences.”  Alison E

Walk&Talk4Success was founded in West Sussex by Judith Rayner, an experienced, coach, trainer and mentor.  She has been providing highly successful and popular Walk&Talk4Success® Programmes in West Sussex.

It’s helping women business owners to believe and shine, to be successful and to do it their own way, without the overwhelm, that gets me up every morning with a spring in my step.”

How members describe their experiences with Walk&Talk4Success®

Refreshing              Inspiring                  Open                 SupportiveEssential 

“It was so nice to be listened to”

“Even if I haven’t got a burning issue I still learn something useful to take away”

Focussed my mind                Helpful                      I’m flying                 Sorted           Motivated

“I got home and got myself organised which has brought me new business opportunities”