Nourishing Resilience – and the Tree Test.

Resilience isn’t talked about enough.  Yet in a world full of pressures, change and uncertainty, resilience is precisely what we all need – in bucketloads!

So I took myself off to a ‘Nourishing Resilience’ day with the Wisdom Tree team at Hazel Wood near Salisbury.  As someone who believes that any contact with nature can work wonders, I found their use of the natural ecosystem a fabulous way to find the roots of reslilience in our  lives.


For example:

  • Trees, highly resilient to storms, drought and other pressures, can enable us to look at the balance in our own lives.
  • Looking at sustainable forestry and farming gives us insight into the benefits of long term resilience and well-being as opposed to intensive pressures and short term gains.
  • It’s possible to develop a positive acceptance of decline and endings – and to learn how to compost the crap! – as a part of our natural development
  • Nature offers mutual support, diversity and wild margins: these are reflected in our own lives and can be harnessed for our own resilience and success.

… and so much more.

Why not take the tree test for resilience?

Roots – Is your root system broad and deep enough to give you stability under pressure and to access the resources you need?

Trunk – Are your core approaches to life and work giving you strength with flexibility?

Branches – Do your work and life feel in balance with the roots and trunk below, are you over-extended or over-stretched?

And, using your answers, can you now begin to see what needs to happen to adjust any imbalance and improve your resilience?

 Seeing the wood for the trees

After my day amongst the trees, I came away feeling refreshed, nourished, calm and full of energy.  I can’t wait to help my clients to ‘go with the flow’ and cultivate their own personal resilience.