Maternity Coaching and Return to Work Coaching

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I am delighted to be working alongside The Natural Therapy Centre in Cosham as they launch an all encompassing service providing a complete range of therapies from preconception through to support in returning to work after the birth of your baby. The focus is on the natural way, using your mind and body to create the best possible outcome for you.

My role is to support you with Maternity and Return to Work Coaching, which is also available to people who are adopting children or men taking extended paternity leave.

What is Maternity Coaching?

Maternity Coaching is confidential, independent and non-judgmental support that provides you with the space and focus to help you to think about, plan and develop your life and work through this key life transition. It will help you to leave and return to work confident in your performance and potential.

I offer coaching at the three key stages outlined below:

ID-100209969Pre-Maternity Leave

Be prepared for the impact that physical and psychological changes might have in and on your work.  Develop strategies and practical measures that are right for you and will help you to feel positive and in control. What would you like to have happen on your return from maternity leave? Plan your departure and how best to keep in touch during your absence. 

During Maternity Leave

Coaching during the later stages of your maternity leave helps to shift focus to your preparations for a confident and committed return to work.  For example, how parenthood might have adjusted your identity, how to re-engage with colleagues and clients, childcare options, work patterns and setting boundaries between your work and your personal life.


Post Maternity Leave

Are your expectations at work being met and are any anxieties/issues that could be managed more effectively?  For example, developing practical tools to help with time management or concerns about key relationships at work.  Later sessions might focus more on career aspirations, maintaining career momentum and/or family expansion.

We are all unique and face different challenges, which is why I offer a free initial meeting so we can get to know each other and make sure that we ‘click’.  If you wish to move forward with Maternity Coaching we will tailor a programme that is right for you and with flexibility to allow for changing circumstances.

To arrange a free initial consultation contact me at: or Tel: 02392 006168

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