Lock Down Coaching while Walking Video no3 – Have we become a Human Doing rather than a Human Being?

By April 16, 2020Blog

Have you become a human doing rather than a human being?Have you become a Human Doing rather than a Human Being? We are now in Week 4 of lock down with no real prospect of change in near term.

There has been loads of advice and guidance (possibly an overload) on structuring days, routines, to-do lists and more.  Lots of stuff about “doing” – I don’t know about you but occasionally I feel more overwhelmed and stressed about whether I have ticked off todays to-do list than I did before when I had so much other stuff going on.

e.g. yoga, work stuff, cleaning, menu planning, learning, Professional Development, garden, signing, volunteering, piano, checking with friends, family & colleagues, daily walk.    Doing, doing, doing.  Eeek!

Are we at risk during this period (and in “normal” times) of becoming human doings rather than human beings?

In this week’s Coaching while Walking Video I talk about reframing this to ask why you are doing what you are doing and, more importantly, checking in with yourself so that you know how what you are doing is serving you as a human being.

The key messages are – we are not human doings, we are human beings.

You can watch my short video about this here.