Imagine you have the most diverse mix of employees in your workplace and you are waiting for all the well-documented benefits that will bring – skills, talents, experiences and ideas.  Yet nothing has changed. 

This is because diversity in itself will not achieve results if the environment and culture do not allow individuals to flourish.   A diverse workforce, in an inclusive environment, is more likely to be an engaged and productive one.

I specialise in enabling clients to move beyond diversity and develop truly inclusive environments where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. I offer consultancy on the business benefits of diversity and inclusion and can advise on every step from devising strategy through to delivery with a particular emphasis on inclusion, unconscious bias awareness, and, in particular, on identifying and removing the barriers to the progression of female talent.

A specific project during my role as Royal Navy Diversity and Inclusion Policy Officer was to improve retention of servicewomen.  Having identified a critical paucity of women at the senior levels of the RN, I researched, evaluated and presented at Board level a systems approach to identify cultural and organisational barriers and solutions to improve retention and representation at the higher levels.  This programme has now been taken forward with many initiatives including the launch of the Naval Servicewomen’s Professional Network, Parents Network, maternity coaching and the inclusion of Unconscious Bias Awareness as part of all leadership development programmes.  Throughout I worked closely with many public and private bodies, benchmarking and sharing best practice.

Corporate Group

I am delighted to work with The People Development Team in developing an increasing awareness of Unconscious Bias that can really help to create a more inclusive organisational culture and deliver business and operational dividends.

With confidence, knowledge and considerable experience I can assist your organisation to look beyond diversity to become a inclusive environment which will improve staff engagement and wellbeing, retain talent and give you that competitive edge.

An inspiring speaker, I have appeared on BBC Radio 4, addressed a Royal United Services Institute Conference 2011 and an Opportunities for Women Conference 2012, taken part in a House of Common’s panel discussion 2013 and spoken at the launch of the Naval Servicewomen’s Professional Network 2013.

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